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About us

Joint stock company ‘’Moda kapitāls’’ was founded in 1997 and has been working successfully for 15 years already, regularly developing and increasing its field of services.Initially the company was founded with the aim to offer pawnshop services to physical and legal entities only in certain cities of Latvia but during its existence AS ‘’Moda Kapitāls’’ has already opened 27 branches (see the list of our branches) in all the major cities of Latvia.
Our services Gradually we have widened the variety of our services and now we are successfully working in the sector of non-bank lending by providing loans against mortgage, including household appliances and articles of precious metal, against mortgage of road transport and agricultural machinery, against mortgage of real estate, as well as providing loans without mortgage.
Why do we sell second-hand products? By carefully evaluating desires of our clients, we concluded that the majority of clients are willingly purchasing second-hand household appliances as it makes it possible to obtain the necessary item for a much lower price compared to buying a new one. When purchasing the second-hand product, the client does not need to worry whether the product is able to perform its functions or not, because our specialists have already examined them before selling and have verified that the product is functional.
Quality of products Of course, a well-functioning second-hand product will differ from a new product not only with the price but also with visual appearance because there are very rare cases when we can offer to clients a second-hand product, which has no signs of usage. To ensure that the client has a chance to get a sense for how long or how much this product has been used before purchasing the product, our company has indicated the degree of depreciation from Category 1 to Category 6 by using predefined criteria (including degree of depreciation) to each item. Of course, the more worn-out products are also much cheaper than less-used products.
Warranty Since the beginning of 2014 AS ‘’Moda kapitāls’’ provides a warranty period for a large part of second-hand products, within which, if the client complies with the warranty conditions, he has the right to address our company to fix defects or imperfections, which have occurred in the period of usage of the product.
Assortment Since the interest from clients about acquiring second-hand, good quality and well-functioning household appliances was very high, since 2012 we have established cooperation with several partners in Western Europe, who deliver us the products that we offer to our clients. Thanks to the successful cooperation we are able to offer the widest assortment of mobile phones, starting with phones the client can purchase for 5 EUR, to modern smartphones like iPhone, HTC or Samsung. Mobile phones are our most marketable product, even though we also sell photo cameras, TVs, portable computers, tablets, video and audio players, power tools and many other products. Since 2014 we have also started selling some brand new/non-used products. In addition to the mentioned above our company offers clients restored or completely new gold jewellery and goldware for competitive prices.
Internet shop In 2014 the decision was made to establish our own online shop and to start selling goods online. We want to emphasize that the majority of our products (90%) are owned by our company, so you do not have to worry if any of our providers can deliver the product or not.
Discounts To make our services even more attractive to clients, we regularly offer certain categories of products on sale for competitive prices, as well as offer leasing services to physical entities, who buy any of the products in our shop and whose income corresponds to demands stated by the legislation, so it could be possible to provide a leasing loan.
Contacts Any of our existing or potential clients not only has the opportunity to read the information on our online shop but also to contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (+371 22 00 33 66) or visiting any of our 27 branches. In 2015 we will start offering leasing services to our clients.
In 2015 we will start offering leasing services to our clients. All clients are welcome to register as users in our online shop; this way you will have the opportunity to publicly post your comments and/or suggestions on how to improve the quality of our services, as well as to take part in our client inquiries that you’ll receive by e-mail (if you have agreed to take part in them when registering); you’ll also receive a newsletter about sales and news of the products available in our shop.