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Kur atrodas E-Moda veikali?

There are E-Mode shops in all the territory of Latvia. Read more about our Branches here.

Vai ir iespēja izvēlēto preci apskatīt?

You can definitely see the product in the branch, where it is stored. In the description of each product you can see where it is located. 

Kāda ir preču garantija?

The products are examined at the moment of receiving and at the moment of selling. They are provided with warranty according to legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Read more about the warranty here.

Es vēlos maksāt ar pārskaitījumu. Kad es saņemšu preci?

If you want to pay for the purchase with a bank transfer, then product will be ready for delivery within two working days from the moment the money arrives in our bank account.

Kā nemaksāt par piegādi?

If you want to pay only for the product, when making the order but not for delivery, choose receiving of the product in the respective Branch, where the product is stored. In the description of the product it is possible to find out the location of the product. 

Kāda ir piegādes maksa un noteikumi?

Expenses of delivery depend on the weight of the product, size of the packaging and the delivery address you have stated. To find out precise delivery expenses, choose all the necessary products in the basket and go to ‘’Shopping Basket’’. You will see the total delivery expenses of your order in the ‘’Delivery expenses’’ section.  If you want to receive the product in the location of the product (address), you will not have to pay for delivery.

Read more about Delivery here

Kā apmaksāt pirkumu?

We offer you to pay for your purchase as follows:

  • In cash, when receiving the product in any of the Branches;
  • By paying an advance invoice in a bank or with bank transfer;
  • Payment with a debit card in our online shop or in any of the Branches
Kā nopirkt preces?

Orders can be made by using shopping basket, writing to our email or by making a purchase in any of the E-Moda Branches.

Kāpēc pirkt lietotu preci?

You can buy either new or second-hand products in our shop. The majority of products do not differ from a new product technically and visually. All the second-hand products available in our shop fully perform their intended functions.

By buying a second-hand product you can save a lot of money and at the same time take care of the environment by efficiently using the existing resources. 

Kas ir nolietojuma kategorija?

Depending on the signs of depreciation of the product, they are divided into adequate depreciation categories. Read more about Categories of depreciation here

Kas ir lietota prece?

In our shop customers can acquire new products, as well as products with various category of depreciation. The Category of depreciation is stated in the description of the product. All the products available in the shop perform their intended functions. We offer a warranty for the majority of products. The shop does not sell products, which do not provide their intended functions due to depreciation.