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Rights of rejection

Rights of rejection
  • You have rights to reject goods acquired from within 14 (fourteen) days from the day of receiving the goods, not stating the reason of rejection.
  • You have to inform about the decision to reject the goods or services AS ‘’Moda kapitāls’’, legal address: Ganību dambis 40a-34, Riga, LV 1005, telephone: +371 22 00 33 66, e-mail:
  • The decision or form about rejection right usage should be submitted in any of the AS ‘’Moda kapitāls’’ branches (the list of branches is available: here), or  by post as registered letter to the legal address of AS ‘’Moda kapitāls’’ or by e-mail:, using electronic signature.
Consequences of the rejection
  • Here you can read the Regulations of Cabinet of Ministers ‘’Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts’’. The rejection of goods will be considered as termination of the distance contract and will repay all the payments received from you, including shipping expenses, without unjustified delay and in any case not later than 14 days from the day, when we got informed about your wish to reject this contract. Reimbursement of the money will be executed using the same means of payment, which you used to pay for the product. If you want to receive reimbursement of the money in another means, you must clearly state it in written statement. Regardless of the repayment type, you will not be charged additionally. has rights to suspend the reimbursement of the money till the moment, when we will receive the product back. The return of the product is only possible in any of the AS ‘’Moda kapitāls’’ branches (the list of branches is available: here) or in the office of AS ‘’Moda kapitāls’’. If you send the product by mail or courier, then with that you will approve that you agree to the inspection of the product unilaterally executed by AS ‘’Moda kapitāls’’ specialists and possible damages detected, incompleteness of assembly and damages of visual appearance, and in this respect claims from you will not be accepted anymore.
  • Your obligation is to cover all direct expenditures, which related to returning of the product. Maximal expenses can sum up to 35.00 EUR.
  • NB! In the term of usage of rights of rejection you have the right to use the product only as much, as it is necessary for testing the acquired product. You can do it to the same extent as you could do it in a regular shop. For example, when purchasing a portable computer, you can only visually look at the appearance and size of the computer, but you cannot perform any operations in the computer, including the installation of any software or use of already installed software for data processing and saving, in its turn when purchasing a mobile phone, you mustn’t take off protective coats and warranty stickers, turn on the phone without inserting a SIM card, not synchronizing data, etc.
  • By using rights of rejection, you are responsible for amount of usage of the product, which exceeds the intended for testing, as well as for reduction of value, quality and safety of the product.
  • When using the rights of rejection, you have to cover the above mentioned direct delivery expenses of the product, as well as the possible decrease of value of the product, if the product has been used with other aim, not for clarification of the character, features and operation of the product, which is confirmed by diagnostics executed by manufacturer in the authorised service. You are not responsible for decrease of the value of the product, if AS ‘’Moda Kapitāls’’ have not informed you about the rights of rejection as prescribed by regulatory acts, which controls consumer rights protection.
  • You do not have rights to use the right of rejection, in cases, which are stated inSection 22 of Regulations No. 255 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 20 May, 2014 ‘’Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts’’.
  • You mustn’t take off protective coats and safety stickers and you must turn on the phone without inserting a SIM card and without synchronising data.
Form of rejection right If you want to submit also form of rejection right usage, it is available here.