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A warranty is provided for the majority of second hand goods. The term of the warranty depends on the category of depreciation of the product. The warranty period for new products is 24 months (for physical entities); for second-hand goods the warranty period is 1 to 18 months. Refer to the description of the product for information about warranty period of the product.


Warranty terms 

Warranty period:

Claims about quality of the products sold by AS ‘’Moda Kapitāls’’, if these products are not/had not been used in business, are accepted from physical entities in the period of equal to the stated warranty period starting from the moment of acquisition of goods, which is shown on the warranty card.
The warranty is in force only if the customer presents:
  • The warranty card;
  • Documentary evidence of the purchase (sales receipt, delivery note, quittance, leasing contract, payment agreement).

The warranty does not apply to:

Raw materials, supply elements (batteries, accumulators), additional accessories, periodical technical maintenance of the product and components with limited lifetime.
The warranty is invalid if:
  • The product has been bought from third parties;
    • There ismechanical damage, which has occurred as a result of improper use of the product by the customer;
    • The reason of the occurrence of damage does not depend on the manufacturer or seller, if it is established that guarantee seals, serial number are damaged, there has been penetration in the product not corresponding to the manual and/or customer has tried to fix the damage himself;
    • There is damage that has occurred in result of natural disasters, lightning, fire, flood, etc.;
    • If the product has damage, which are occurred in result of entrance of foreign objects, liquids, insects, etc.;
    • There is damage, reason of occurrence of which is using water of low quality (with high calcium, chlorine, rust or sand content);
    • There is damage, which has occurred due to influence of chemical substances;
    • There is damage, which has occurred in case of fluctuation of electrical voltage or in case of damage, due to nonconformity of parameters of communications and cables, as well as in other cases of everyday factors (soot, smoke, dust, humidity, etc.);
    • Damage has occurred because the product was not used in accordance with service instruction, storage and transportation conditions were not complied, as well as in cases when the product was not installed according to the instruction;
    • Damage has occurred because the product has not been used for the intended purpose or domestic appliances are used professionally;
    • Nonstandard power supply units, accessories and spare parts, as well as raw materials (cartridges, toners, etc.), which the manufacturer has not certified for usage with the respective product have been used, and it has caused damages of this product;
    • Damages have occurred because there has been used pirate or inappropriate software in hardware or mobile phone;
    • If additional equipment which is not intended by the manufacturer is installed,;
    • Regular service maintenance has not been performed (applies to products, for which it is necessary).


In case of damage the product should be transported to the nearest AS ‘’Moda Kapitāls’’ branch Office, taking with you the warranty card, documentary evidence of the purchase and a personal identification document.